Use World Cup fever to bring your community together

By Alice Skeats – NextDoor

The World Cup brings together people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to celebrate the UK’s favourite sport. However, not everyone has a friend to watch the game with – in the UK there are 9 million people experiencing loneliness and social isolation. 4 million of those are older people.

That is why NextDoor have teamed up with Campaign to End Loneliness to encourage local communities to get together to tackle loneliness.

People all over the UK are already using Nextdoor to tackle loneliness and isolation, by connecting with their neighbours, starting discussions and forming new friendships.

With this in mind, we thought the World Cup was the perfect opportunity to get your community together and to reach out to those who may not have friends and family around them to watch games with.

In 2014, 20 million people watched the World Cup final. 23 million tuned in to England versus Tunisia on Monday. For Sunday’s game against Panama – or any World Cup game for that matter – if even a small proportion of footy fans could connect with just one lonely person during the World Cup, what a difference that could make to levels of social isolation. 

So, as we prepare for England’s next match, we’ve put together some top tips to help you use World Cup fever to bring your neighbours together over the next month:

  • Use Nextdoor to organise a World Cup viewing party in your community for the next England match on Sunday 24th June.
  • Simply post a message in your neighbourhood or even start an event. It could be in your garden, your local pub or a big screen in your area.
  • Invite someone new to watch the game with you. It may be an older person in your community who lives alone or a new neighbour. Or, if you’re in the pub and see someone watching the game alone, invite them to join you!
  • Join the Campaign to End Loneliness’ ‘Be More Us’ movement and find out tips to connect during the World Cup. Use #TackleLoneliness on social media to share stories and pictures of your community coming together to celebrate the World Cup