Is it time to change the way you work?

    Business transformation social enterprise, PSIAMS Systems Ltd, specialises in technology led solutions that empower voluntary sector organisations to maximise their efficiency and measure their impact.

    Developed to support the work of Clinical Commissioning Groups working with the VCSE sector, over 40 health and wellbeing organisations across the West Midlands are using PSIAMS (a high functioning Customer Relationship Management and impact measurement system) to improve person centred services and health outcomes for service users.

    PSIAMS is changing the way the sector is managing and using data both for business and service improvement – the focus of a conference being held as part of City Drive Week in Birmingham (3rd – 7th April 2017).

    PSIAMS first emerged in 2013 as an alternative to existing impact measurement tools that offer complicated and time consuming approaches to evidence outcomes.

    PSIAMS TEAM: (L-R) Mark Ellerby, Anthony Cokeley, Jared Miah, Adam Deyes and James Baggott

    “PSIAMS is a way of working, not an exercise that is performed annually,” says Mark Ellerby, who created and piloted an early version of the system within Summit House (a HIV charity) to triage service users more effectively, improve case management and demonstrate impact.

    “We work closely with each organisation to understand how they deliver services and design a bespoke system to meet their goals,” adds Mark.

    Combining CRM technology with impact measurement methodology has given PSIAMS a competitive edge. Customers have reported sustained improvements in how they engage with their clients, manage projects, make and track referrals, work with partners, and evidence value to commissioners and funders.

    Mark explains: “By modernising their use of IT, clients save time and money, resources which can be directed to frontline delivery.”

    “We understand the sector because we are part of it. So often we hear stories of voluntary sector organisations being sold solutions that have a sting in the tail; costly updates and amendments, limited adaptability and a lack of future proofing.

    “PSIAMS is breaking new ground all the time. We’re constantly finding new applications for the software to match the varied activities and projects delivered by the sector including social prescribing projects, volunteer management, marketing campaigns, and ways to support and increase income generation.”

    A half-day conference to demonstrate the system and showcase early successes is taking place on Wednesday 5 April 2017 at Recovery Central in Birmingham. For more details and to book visit

    Could your organisation benefit from PSIAMS?

    Do you store data in multiple unconnected systems / places?

    Do you find it time consuming or challenging to report back to key stakeholders?

    Are your processes driven by paper and staff remembering what to do?

    Do you find it hard to communicate effectively internally or externally, or both?

    Do you find it difficult to access data on the move?

    Are you clear on what’s happening across your organisation?

    Can you evidence the difference you make for service users?

    Case study

    Changes UK has been developing and delivering innovative, person-centred support for people seeking abstinent recovery from drugs and/or alcohol for ten years. Working with Changes UK we built a robust, secure CRM system that not only tracked their support and impact with clients, but also gave them the ability to manage their organisation in a different way.

    “PSIAMS has enabled our staff to dramatically reduce the amount of time they spend filling in forms and asking clients the same questions over again. Client records are now in one place where we can access their history, support interventions and progress. PSIAMS has given us a much more streamlined way of doing things which means clients have a better experience overall and our staff can spend more time directly supporting their recovery journey.”

    Anita Harris, Business Development Manager, Changes UK

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