#YourLifeMatters Summit 2018 to bring together young people, families and services in the city

First Class Legacy and West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner are hosting this year’s #YourLifeMatters summit on 30th August in central Birmingham.

In the context of increasing youth crime and violence across the UK, this is a opportunity for Birmingham-based services and organisations to showcase themselves and connect with young people and their families in our city.

The event is the latest in a series of #YourLifeMatters engagement initiatives, which aim to tackle to roots of alienation and disengagement that can lead to young people making poor choices – often leading to criminal activity, gang involvement or both.

Lots of street outreach and a series of related events kick-started this vital work last year, with the first summit taking place in August 2017.

Highlights of last year’s summit

This year, they are back with another summit. It takes place on 30th August and has a new theme: #Time4Change “No more violence, no more pain”.

The 2018 lineup

Confirmed speakers & contributors:

Host: Nathan Dennis First Class Legacy

Keynote: Raymond Douglas Executive Desistance & Violence Reduction Practitioner

Zimbo Community Activists & musician:

Asaybi Snape LLM Youth Advocate and Consultant:

Learn more about the amazing work of Redthread in Birmingham: @Redthreadyouth

Bringing Hope, who have over 15 years’ experience working on this agenda: @BringingHopeUK

Activities for young people including DJ’s, artists and performances.¬†More speakers and activities TBA.

Find out more and register today: