The story behind BVSC’s new web design service

Dainius' journey started in Lithuania and his latest chapter is leading on BVSC's new website development service.

BVSC has announced the launch of a new Website Design Service which will offer professional, affordable websites for both voluntary organisations and small businesses.

The service will be provided by experienced website designer Dainius Stepulevicius. His first project for BVSC was the design of stand-alone website for BVSC Conferencing to showcase the Centre’s facilities and services. This was swiftly followed by assignments from other Programme teams – Ageing Better in Birmingham and Talent Match Birmingham & Solihull.

Now Dainius has been rewarded with the permanent role of Website Developer, with a remit to provide an external website design service to complement BVSC’s other commercial activities.

“Long hours and many sleepless nights”: Dainius’ story

Dainius joined BVSC’s Conferencing team five years ago as a Conference Assistant, where his duties have included greeting event facilitators and helping them with their audio-visual needs. But his journey started several years ago in Lithuania.

I attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development while studying in Lithuania – my place of birth. However, the job market in Lithuania for software developers was very competitive and I struggled to find a role.

Co-incidentally, the year I graduated was also the year of an “explosion” in the Website development industry. Suddenly, everyone wanted a website.

I needed to adapt to this new market – and decided to re-educate myself as a website developer. Fortunately, I could learn to do this at home with very minimal investment.

In the meantime, I still needed a job as I didn’t have enough money for a start-up. I had a friend who had job contacts in UK and I decided to take a leap of faith!

I won’t lie – in the beginning it wasn’t easy. I worked long hours, and after work I was rushing home to work on building my web development skills. Most of my initial website projects were done for free – very long hours and many sleepless nights.

But over time, I gained experience, developed skills and managed to buy all the software I needed.
Then, I joined BVSC’s Conferences team and I noticed that they didn’t have a website.

I suggested that I could design one for a reasonable price. My manager gave me a chance and that was all I needed to show my skill and experience!

Helen Cobain, BVSC’s Communications and Marketing Coordinator said: “I’m delighted to welcome Dainius to the team. Integrating Website Design into Marketing and Communications made perfect business sense, as customers will benefit from the additional expertise of the whole team who will be able to offer guidance around everything from social media, graphic design and copy writing to producing blogs and newsletters.”

Dainius commented: “This role will be a really exciting fresh challenge for me. I’m looking forward to building on the experience I have developed through BVSC’s internal projects, and working with other organisations to help them develop and reap the benefits of having a really strong online and digital presence.”

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