5 reasons why audiobooks are amazing! Free audiobook membership opportunity in Birmingham

Whether it’s discovering a classic for the first time, or relaxing with an old favourite, reading can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing.

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Whether it’s discovering a classic for the first time, or relaxing with an old favourite, reading can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. A 2018 Reading Agency study found that children who are the most engaged with literacy are three times more likely to have higher levels of mental wellbeing than children who are the least engaged, and that doesn’t change as you get older. But if your mind is stopping you from being able to concentrate on a book, or if you have physical barriers to reading or holding books, what then?

Listening to an audiobook can provide the answer because they remove these barriers and can be a wonderful source of entertainment, comfort and relaxation for those who are missing out on the enjoyment of reading. Here are 5 more reasons why the team at Listening Books think audiobooks are amazing!

Listen to audiobooks when you’re on the move!
  1. Being read to can give you a warm fuzzy feeling and provide some often much needed company.
    There are times when we all feel alone. Unfortunately, the comfort and companionship we need is not always as easy to come by as we’d like. That’s where an audiobook can lend a helping hand. In need of a companion for a road trip? Want a kind voice to lull you to sleep? Whatever your age or situation, an audiobook can be there for you, always ready to read you a story.
  2. Audiobooks can help reluctant readers get into books.
    Anyone who struggles to read may not have experienced the joys of a great book and they may not feel that reading is worthwhile. Sometimes listening is just the ticket. It can be a way to find out what sort of genres or authors you enjoy and spark a life-long passion for books!
  3. Audiobooks can be enjoyed by those who struggle to read or hold printed books.
    Everyone deserves to be able to delve into a fantastic story regardless of their eyesight, or physical or mental health. Audiobooks open up published materials to a wider audience, a great reason why they should be championed.
  4. Great narrators can bring books to life.
    When you find a brilliantly narrated audiobook it’s a great feeling. You know that this safe pair of hands will guide you through the story effortlessly and make the book all the more magical. Sometimes you will even get to hear the author read their own book.
  5. Audiobooks can help with learning.
    If you’re studying for GCSEs, reading a fiction book for homework, or simply hoping to improve your knowledge of a particular subject, audiobooks can help!

Listening Books is a national charity passionate about making reading accessible to everyone! We provide an audiobook library service to people around the UK who struggle to read or hold printed books due to a disability, illness, mental health condition, or learning difficulty and we’ve been doing this since 1959, so we’ve got a lot of experience!

We have over 8,000 fiction and non-fiction audiobooks in our library for adults and children, from bestselling authors such as: J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, Agatha Christie, David Walliams, Philippa Gregory, Stephen Fry, Marian Keyes and many more. Our audiobooks are available to download and stream through our website or app, or on MP3 CD sent through the post (no postage costs or late fees). Dedicated service support is available from our library team for any help you might need.

Membership starts from £20 per year, but if you feel that you would find it difficult to cover this cost for any reason, then please get in touch with us because we do currently have some FREE memberships available in Birmingham. We don’t require any long, complicated forms to prove this – we just need a self-declaration to say you wouldn’t be able to afford to join if you had to pay. For more information, visit: www.listening-books.org.uk, or contact Claire Gosden on 0207 407 9417 or email cgosden@listening-books.org.uk.