Create a vision for life – and follow your dreams

By Rob Legge – third sector coach, trainer and consultant //

In his latest blog Third Sector trainer and coach Rob Legge suggests that we should really think about what we want out of life, then create a vision to achieve that dream.

This morning I was walking with Steve in the fields near my home in Studley, Warwickshire.  A few miles in we came across the bizarrely incongruent sight of two young musicians in the middle of a field full of cows. One was sitting in front of a full set of drums and the other had an electric guitar over his shoulder.

They were having fun making a music video, and in that moment I saw that they were living their dreams. Currently starring on Instagram “the Jetties” might yet become famous. If you catch them remember the two inquisitive walkers to them!

It is not easy living your dream. I coach and train leaders in our sector and there are two questions that routinely cause clients to stop and ponder. Firstly, what is your dream? Many of us think we don’t have one, but we do, even if we have buried it under the pressures of a daily to do list and household bills. It can take weeks to help expose, hone and update the dream but releasing it out into the open has a transformative effect on individuals. It can help make sense of what they are doing today – if they are able to see how it moves them closer. Or it can make them think long and hard (often for the first time) about why they are doing what they are doing – if it is moving them away.

The second question, “what are you doing to move closer to your vision?” usually starts with a long list of defensive excuses. Followed by deeper thinking to look at (often slight) adjustments that bring them back on track.

People who are working to a vision stand out! Their energy and sparkle attracts us.  Their resilience is increased because they are ready to work at, and overcome, obstacles.

“The key to realising a dream is to focus not on success but significance- and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.”  Oprah Winfrey

I am a professional coach and I love it! In a previous blog I shared some of the alternative temp work I have taken to “pay the mortgage” but all the time I knew I was a coach.  And what happened?

I honed my skills in listening when I spent a Christmas season in the call centre for Halfords dealing with stressed parents and lost bikes!

Running monthly workshops for an FE college in Bromsgrove for students who told me to cheerily “go f*** yourself” taught me to improve my ice breakers, to develop pace, entertain, engage and facilitate learning in small bite size chunks.  But most of all it taught me to carry on carrying on slowly (and at times painfully) towards my dream.

I am working with an interesting individual and as we clarify her Vision it is getting easier for her to see what she might do to move towards it. She is exploring the development of professional sports people as they retire from their sport. This has got her looking at other career transitions e.g. long term military personnel moving into “civi street” to help shape and develop the service she will deliver.

So, Steve and I walked back from those young musicians and came to the conclusion that being clear about your vision makes the journey more enjoyable and easier. And when we occasionally get lost, knowing (more or less) where we’re heading saves us going down too many dead ends.

Steve, by the way, is a very wise Staffordshire Bull Terrier!

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