Being happy, fulfilled and passionate in the workplace

By Tim Skene //

Transformation Life Coaching (TLC) offers a safe, confidential space where we can examine our professional ambitions, frustrations, successes, mistakes and well being. And in the charity sector, checking in with ourselves is extra important. 

I have 8 years’ experience in London’s charity sector. During this time, I was spoiled for choice when it came to local and national voluntary sector training opportunities and events.

I recently attempted to look online for charity networking events for the sector in Birmingham and was surprised to discover that there didn’t seem to be much on offer. I also contacted BVSC who confirmed my findings and suggested that I write this article to try and connect with like-minded individuals.

Management, loneliness and burnout

Management can be a lonely place with its various challenges relating to finance, vision, sustainability, interaction with clients, staff, unreliable suppliers – and trustees that may not understand what’s really happening on the ground level.

Having the opportunity to talk and listen to other management peers can be very helpful, keeping things in perspective and enabling (often isolated) managers to share best practice and new approaches to shared challenges.

As managers, we all get busy and there are many demands that get placed upon our time, but investing time with like-minded people equipped me with a renewed sense of resilience when returning back to the workplace and its challenges. The “we’re all in it together” aspect of the experience, I found particularly useful.

The added layer of support and resource was valuable, but I still found myself falling into the hole of burn-out. Many of us know this place. This led me into a season of recovery and transition and on a new path of discovery into Transformational Life Coaching (TLC).

“Somehow something had changed. So thanks for helping me on this journey. I am having glimpses of quite a different future.”
Barney, Day Centre Manager

“In TLC, the solution is discovered by the client – not by the coach”

My training as a Transformational Life Coach has taught me how to listen to people in a non-judgemental way. The coaching space is a safe place where you can talk about anything in confidence. It’s enabled me to better understand and see how we perceive situations and other people. As managers, this is imperative both for your own wellbeing and that of your team members – and ultimately performance.

Working with my clients has proved to me the worth and life changing ability that coaching can have on people’s lives. As the coach I have learnt something new from every client; as I have seen people’s perception change so does their attitude towards themselves and others change.

In TLC, the solution is discovered by the client, not by the coach. The client is the expert and the coach is merely the facilitator.

When the client explores and discovers a solution for themselves, they are more likely to take responsibility for that solution and do something about it than if they hear the solution second hand from someone else.

Managers and Co-ordinators in the voluntary sector could not only benefit from more networking with their peers – but even more so with TLC. This will not only enable managers to make beneficial change in their workplace; but also their personal lives as well – sustaining and nourishing them in a more holistic way.

If we can start with beneficial change at the management level we are more likely to see that change filter down to the people we manage. This will then be beneficial on the whole organisation and its culture.

If you would like to know more about me and what I can do to assist you to explore and discover vision and bring it to life, then please contact me for a free consultation.


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