First Class Legacy and the First Class Foundation – responding to Covid-19

We are First Class Legacy; we specialise in Youth and Community engagement strategies and we deliver a number of services through Consultation and Consultancy, Training, Outreach and Events. Our charity, First Class Foundation, has three main aims:

  • to reduce Youth Violence
  • to improve the Mental Health resilience for Young People, and
  • to connect Young People to their purpose.

During COVID-19, we have really had to adapt a lot of what we do and go online. We have done many things but the two key things we want to mention.

Emergency Youth Violence Conference

At the ‘Emergency Youth Violence’ conference we engaged with a number of practitioners from the West Midlands, to talk about some of the disturbing Youth Violence incidents that have happened within the West Midlands. This conference was triggered by the footage of a young man being tragically stabbed to death, that consequently went viral on social media.

So we thought it was important that we have a conversation with the wider community, to explore solutions, strategies, to see how people are feeling and to also make them aware that there could be potential trauma, based on the material that they and young people have seen. View the video recording below.

Meeting the Head of Public Health in Birmingham

We have also had a conversation with Dr Justin Varney, who is the Head of Public Health at Birmingham City Council. We did that online and set up a live stream to explore, with him, why Covid-19 statistics were seeming to show that it was disproportionately impacting and affecting the Black and Ethnic Minority communities (BAME).

This conversation was conducted in partnership with our #DearYoungers project, that is part of the Shifting the Dial partnership, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, that is independently evaluated by the Centre for Mental Health and run in partnership with Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.  View a recording below

Both online events were well attended on Facebook. We have had over 1400 views of the conversation with Dr Justin Varney and have so far had over 3000 views of the Emergency Youth Violence conference. Follow the links to follow the conversation.

For further information please feel free to view our channels

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